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SECTION 1- Pulpil's Personal Details.

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SECTION 2- Former/Current Nursety & Primary School (If Applicable)

SECTION 3- Parents/Guardian Information.


1. A parent/guardian is the person who has the legal right as the biological parent or someone responsible for the wellbeing of the student(s)/Pupil.

2. The mobile number of the parents/guardian provided will generally be used to contact parents by school text messaging service.
However, in section D kindly provide details of an emergency contact who can collect you child from school if you are unavailable.
In Section A and B please indicate parents or Guardian details.



SECTION 4- Support Information.


1. It is the responsibilty of the parents/guardian to inform the school authority if your child develops any contagious or infectious disease(s).
2. Parents/guardian should contact the school authority incase a child is on medication.

Medical Information (Please Mark as Yes or No)
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SECTION-5 Language Known(please tick accordingly.)

SECTION-6 Religion of Pupil (please tick where appropriate)