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Olumide Abayomi Omosuyi

Executive Dirrector. Fourier International School

It is my great pleasure to welcome you all to Fourier international school official website, and thank you for taking your time to visit our webpage.

Our school is a co-educational international school community offering educational services for children age 0-11 years old. The school begins with preschool to the grades classes’ grade (1-6). Our school is located in a safe residential environment; the school is built on 4 plots of land at Ajayi Elekumo layout, behind state security bureau (S.I.B.) Alagbaka phase 2 extension off grace land estate Akure. Our school can also be accessed through Oba-ile in Akure North local government. Anyone coming through Oba ile can ask for direction from people at second gate to Oba-Ile housing estate as the school is known by all in the area.

At Fourier we consider health, safety and security as our optimum priority. To this end our security system is very effective and a well defined security architecture is in place and it’s been review from time to time to address the security situation of the state from time to time.

With our over 3 years of experience as a school, we have shown total commitment to quality education services that meet up with international standard that can be seen anywhere in the world. Fourier international school is proud of the culture of building high level of academic standard across all sectors of the school community.

Our vision and mission provide a clear direction for the entire school community including our parents and other stakeholders. As international community that is committed to academic excellence and integrity, Fourier international school provide a platform to monitor the academic growth and development of every child through our weekly assessment test in key subjects i.e. literacy, numeracy, science and information communication technology. This weekly assessment test is referred to as ‘Director Assessment Test’. The report of the test is progressively study and monitors the academic status of every learner. This system provides proactive approach to address any deficiency in the academic growth of the children and take proactive actions.

Our approved curriculum addresses important learning goal and objective as expected from any international school. Our litracy addresses learners to understand the five aspect of literacy which are grammar, comprehension, creative writing, spelling and punctuation and finally diction in English including non verbal reasoning. The school lays emphasis on speaking right and we encouraged the entire school community to speak in diction the result is evident as our pupils speaks pure British English. Another aspect of our literacy is the non verbal reasoning, at Fourier we do bond non verbal which encourages critical thinking. Our numeracy also divided into metal mathematics, basic operation and quantitative reasoning.

Fourier international school operates early years foundation stage curriculum at our preschool with major emphasis in personal, social and emotional development, communication and language, physical development, literacy which is sub divided into reading and writing skills, mathematics. The curriculum is being delivered by our trained and qualifies educators under the leadership of experience school manager.

These academic structures are naturally integrated into everyday life within the school community. Each section of the curriculum has a strong emphasis on reading and writing skills as these skills are considered to be the foundation upon which other area of academic is built upon.

Our classrooms are very interactive and learners centered, furnished with electronic smart board. Individual pupils are given special attention and treated equally with the aim of bringing out the best in them through proper planning and academic delivery as designed in our unique curriculum.

At Fourier international school, goals are set and met through a team work and collective responsibilities of every member of the school community.

Our school is committed to academic excellence and integrity, this means excellence in everything we do, striving for the highest standards and the best with the highest level of integrity, and having expectations that our prospective pupils will do the same.

The integrity of our school is no way compromise in term of everything we do including quality education delivery.

The management of Fourier international school established a standard integrated management system (IMS) which enable us to stand tall among others in terms of quality education management and delivery system.

Fourier international school welcomes all pupils of all abilities, backgrounds, and culture and celebrate the diverse nature of our school whilst making sure we meet the needs of every individual.

A school is not about bricks and mortar, it is about the people in it and here we have the best brain who have the interest of the children at heart.

I hope you will close this webpage feeling that you want to be part of our ethos, our vision, what we do on a daily basis and our success and therefore you will make us your first choice for your children school.

Thank you once again for visiting our web page.