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At Fourier, we measure our achievement by what each pupil is able to achieve in relation to the learning goals for each child. This means no child can be lost in the crowd or left behind as every child is very important to us. To enable us achieve this, we have made our pupils and teachers ratio to be 20:2 for six years and above children. More teachers are involved for six months to 5 years children in line with international standard. All our teachers are qualified education graduates including assistant teachers.

At Fourier, we deliver 21st century teaching through our well trained 21st Century educators with the use of 21st century teaching and learning facilities such as smart board, projectors and computer systems which are provided in all classes including other useful facilities.

Fourier as an ICT oriented school, places important value on information communication technology by exposing our children to computer practical both in software and hardware system.

At Fourier we prioritize science and we call our children young scientist by exposing them to various science experiments which will increase the level of their interest in science related courses in future.